Friday, February 15, 2013

Let's Go Save The Planet

If there is anything that Aerospace was made for, its go save the planet and life on it. B612 Foundation is doing just that and its non government.  The are counting on your donation.

They want to build and fly an observatory in solar orbit to find the unknown asteroids.  This observatory will be launched by SpaceX.  Check this video out.

Today a rock from space hit Russia in the Ural Mountains.  Many people were injured due to glass breaking because of the shock wave from the rock breaking up and exploding.  Here is an LA times article.

NASA also informed us that Asteroid 2012 DA14 is making a very close flyby the earth.  IT seems these asteroids are getting closer and closer to the Earth.

 These incidents puts it into perceptive.  We need to take action and try to secure the safety of Earth from asteroids.  The B612 Foundation needs your donation.  It will take years, so your donation over time should help.  I'm planning on donating myself.

The following video is PBS NOVA episode on the analysis of the meteor in the Urals:

Watch Meteor Strike on PBS. See more from NOVA.